Kirkburn George Marbulcanti

George Marbulcanti

Good morning!

George at Go Ape!

Who am I?

Hi! I'm George Marbulcanti, né Pribul, often known online as Kirkburn.

I'm British, in my twenties, and I reside in Bristol in England with my wife, Jesse.

I currently work for Wikia, an online wiki hosting and development business, on the Community Support team - find out more here.

Previously I studied Civil Engineering and Italian for four years at Bristol University.

I have no connection to the town of Kirkburn, though I am sure it is a lovely place. I understand they have a nice sword.

My interests

When not editing wikis, I enjoy jogging, gaming and playing with my dog, Bogie

As an avid technologist, I'm always catching up on the latest news. When not attempting to reduce the pile of updates in my RSS reader or reading Bad Astronomy and Rock, Paper, Shotgun, I enjoy reading my New Scientist and PC Gamer magazines. Puzzle books sometimes get a look in, especially Hanjie-style ones.

In the rest of my spare time I am frequently found playing World of Warcraft. I used to be fairly heavily involved in the surrounding community and made a fairly popular addon called ClearFont for it. More on this here.

I am also a member of Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club, and have previously been involved as their webmaster.

Finally, I plan to adopt a cat. I like cats.