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George Marbulcanti

Web projects

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I've been creating websites for many years as a hobby. Over that time, I've learnt a fair bit about using HTML and CSS - one day I will add JS to that list.

My sites are designed around a minimum resolution of 1024x768, and are generally edited directly using Notepad++. All are best viewed in a modern web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.

I design my websites to be simple yet eye-catching and, above all else, browser and standards compliant.

Current status

My websites are generally on hold (except for this one), as my job involves rather similar work day to day.
It's nice when a hobby becomes a job!

My sites

Live sites : my personal website (this site). : my website network's homepage. : home of my popular (but now discontinued) World of Warcraft addon, more info here. : information about holiday apartments in Italy, with which my family has helped. Note: not quite complete. : a homepage for my family.

Test and development sites v4 beta : see the CHIG section for more info.