Kirkburn George Marbulcanti

George Marbulcanti

My work at Wikia

George on an iPad

What I do

As part of the Community Support team, I help Wikia's users with all sorts of technical problems, from bug reports to template problems.

Previously, as a product manager, I worked with Wikia to enhance our existing features and develop new ones to make our wikis even more awesome.

My public user page on Wikia can be found here.

While at Wikia, I've worked on the editing experience, blog posts, commenting, the photo and video tools, category galleries, user profile pages, the gallery creator, polls, and many more...

How it all started

Back in the mists of time, I started playing World of Warcraft. While attempting to understand three hour lectures about the specific of civil engineering calculations in Italian (it sounds so simple), I came across and started editing WoWWiki (more on that here).

After a while I became fairly important on the wiki as one of the administrators. Wikia was looking to expand its portifolio, and around the time WoWWiki joined Wikia, I started as an intern helping out their other gaming wikis.

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Over time, this role changed from content production to product development, and I've been happy there ever since!